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Making a Cocktail Snare with Quick Release Throw Off! - Kyle Bronson


Can't seem to locate an internal tone control with a throw-off, though. I used to have a cheap Imperial Star snare that had such a feature, which I think is ideal for a cocktail drum -- particularly because I don't intend to mount toms.

SWEET -- Gibraltar does, in fact, make one w/a throw off! The number is SC-4400, so anybody that distributes their stuff can order it for you. It retails around $15, so you should pay under 10 at any Guitar Center type place. NOW, let's all buy a half-dozen each so they keep making them!

There are three mounting posts and the control screw. One or two of the mounting screws are in a curved slot, instead of just a round hole, which allows the whole assembly to move within the shell.

Just got the part, and it's pretty poorly made: all the hardware on the outside is plastic, and the screw and collar go in at an angle. Not the prettiest part I've ever seen, but of course the most important thing is functionality -- which I don't have the slightest idea of what the intentions were in designing the thing.

The plate that connects to the shell is a rounded triangle shape, with a screw at each point.

Here's the inside of the collar.

Ok, it's still a cheesily made part, BUT it does, in fact, WORK!

In theory.

The post that sticks out of the mounting bracket pushes the collar and knob away from the drum when you turn the collar, pulling the arm UP a good quarter inch or so -- just enough (with some tweaking) to get you off the head when the collar is turned the other way, flush with the bracket/post.

Like I said, this is still all in theory. I'm still trying to make it work smoothly. I've twice already reamed out the hole that the knob screw goes into, and the threads keep getting caught on the bottom edge, keeping the screw from retracting when I turn the collar back to the snare-off position.

If anyone still has the slightest interest in this, I'll post a few pics.

Check it out:

In/down position

Out/up position

Snares height above the rim level

Moderate success story on the "attn sanre scientists" thread!

Just a little solder (some on the bottom, too)!