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Cocktail Top Snare Fan - Dinkus


I added this snare fan to see if I could get different snare sounds. What it did which would be obvious is add snare snap. It really added a nice mix kind of like adding a bottom snare mic but without added headaches of phase. However interestingly enough, be it strainer phase (acting opposite of internal strainer)  or just added head pressure, it tightened up the head tone allowing me to take a small amount of moongel off the head. Leaving a crack sound instead of the usual deep pop sound.


I can tighten up the snare fan using the tension knob from an old Ludwig dampener. The snare was off an old 13" Pearl snare that I cut to be about 3 1/2" long. The L bracket is from the factory Yamaha board on the side of the drum that I took off and flipped 180 degrees up. The strainer was put on using the hole in the strainer where the strings attach, held in place by duct tape.

Snare On crisp - sound and snap

Snare Off (just twist) - back to original live pop sound