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This month's Drum of the Month has a number of "intoxicating" stories behind it...or in it!



This 14" x 22" stainless steel cocktail kit was designed for Ginger Bruner, percussionist for the Las Vegas group Killian's Angels (click on the drum to visit their web site). The drum features "V" type tube lugs, flat style wood hoops, and an attached hi hat holder and a nifty little snare basket that fits over the top hoop of the bass drum that holds a matching snare drum. The first version of the prototype basket is shown - the newer version has a height adjustment that really helps to eliminate sympathetic buzz from the bass drum. The finish is stainless #4. The drum also bears a very unique logo - something that I rarely do. It's the stylized R which represents the letter R in my signature. It is a large drum and I just thought it needed that little extra something.