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Yamaha Club Jordan

The Club Jordan

A recent collaboration with Steve Jordan and Yamaha resulted in the compact and versatile Club Jordan Cocktail Drum System. The main cocktail drum, a 15 " x 24" birch and mahogany shell, serves as both a bass drum and snare that can be played while standing. An accessory arm can accommodate a cowbell and/or wood block, a pair of hi-hat cymbals, and a cymbal. With or without the optional snare (8" x 5") and tom (10" x 5"), it's an extremely compact drum that can be played in cramped clubs or at the front of the stage with the rest of the band.

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Pedal & Mounting Bracket

Main Drum Wire Snare

Side Mounted Percussion Board

Thanks to Jeff Parkhurst for providing the following:

Club Jordan Schematic