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Slingerland Cocktail Drums

The most common Slingerland cocktail drum is a single 24" x 14" drum with a snare underneath the top head. The shell was constructed of two 12" x 14" shells with a reinforcment lamination at the middle seam. Then reinforcment rings were added on the top and bottom rims. The snare is made from a standard muffler control with 12 heavy snare type coiled wires approximately 6" long welded to the muffler arm. You must wind the snare tension up and down just like the tone muffler. Not very convenient for turning the snare off in the middle of a set!

The hardware configuration appears to have never been standardized. While most seem to have three legs and no additional mounting hardware, I have seen 4 legs, floor leg brackets and slot style mounts on top for cymbal holders.

No. 286

From the Ludwig/Slingerland strategy to create an "Entire outfit that packs into a single case" came the Ludwig Gold Coast. The No. 286 set was Slingerland's response to that, with a "modern large chrome handle for easy pick up and go". In Not So Modern Drummer (NSMD) Issue #16 May, 1991 Dave Seville made this remark - "Yes, it had a great bloody wardrobe handle screwed in the bass drum!". But you know, I use that bloody handle all the time....the sucker actually works well :^)

Original specs for the Slingerland Cocktail Outfit No. 286:

No. 161 5 1/2' x 14' Snare Drum $66.00
No. 1405WF 16" x 16" Bass Drum $106.00
No. 173 Telescopic Snare Stand $14.00
No. 174 Handle $3.50
No. 727 Telescopic Spurs $8.00
No. 939 Bass Drum Pedal $17.50
No. 7704 Cow Bell Holder $4.00
No. 1376 3 1/2" Cow Bell $1.75
No. 728GK Brushes, Pair $1.75
One Pair Krupa Sticks $1.20
Muffler strap in Bass $2.50
Total Value $226.20

Special Price in 1967 catalog, choice of Pearl Finishes $210.00

Slingerland and Ludwig also made the 'Combo Kit' which consisted of a nare drum and switchable bass drum. The bass drum could be mounted on it's side for use as a traditional bass drum or it could stand upright on legs with an upward striking pedal on a bracket for a bass drum/floor tom combination drum. As far as I know these drums were only produced in 20" size.

The two primary Slingerland pedal configurations. The Gene Krupa reverable pedal with leg clamping mounting bracket (left and above). This pedal is easily switched between a striking forward and striking upward. And the Slingerland custom reverse pedal built into an assembly that functions as one of the leg supports! (below)

Slingerland is now making the Expresso Cocktail Kit Featuring:

Shell: Mahogany Hardwood Blend
Lugs: Slingerland Style
Hoops: Traditional Slingerland Stick Saver Hoops
Heads: Coated/Logo heads
Snare: 5 x 10 6 lug design
Tom: 5 x 10 6 lug design
Floor/Bass: 16x16 w/felt strip
Hardware: Single-Braced Hi Hat Stand
Reversible Bass drum pedal w/Velcro bottom
2 Shell mounted Cymbal arms with legs that can be cut to length