New MP3 Player

I have just posted the new built in MP3 Player to the lounge.

Now you can listen to an entire playlist of audio tracks featuring Cocktail Drummers while you peruse the Lounge!

PLease feel free to make submissions. I would love for this playlist to grow over time and help promote Cocktial Drummers and their bands!


- John


New Updates Have Begun!

Greetings to all! I have finally begun a long overdue update to the website.

My goal is to make it easier to navigate through the various resources avaulable about Cocktail Drums. There is quite a lot of information, sound & video clips, and pictures here that have been hidden away. Hopefully they will be easy to find now so click away on the navigation menu on the left and hopefully you will find all you are looking for!

Thank you for your support, interest and contributions to this site!



More Updates...

Now that we have I have started to add some new things to the site. Check out the new areas in the Learn and Look sections:

Learn now has sections for Setup Ideas, Construction Concepts, and Playing Techniqes. They are a bit sparse at the moment but contributions are very welcome. There may be a few of you out there with pages already created that I don't know about (or don't remember) so please contact me and we'll add them.

Look has a new section for Media Clips. I am still trying to track down some TV and Movie performances.

Finally, I have added a small shopping area listing some Cocktail Drums and other helpfull accessories. Shop through this site and help support the Cocktail Drum Lounge! More on this in the next post.

Things keep moving forward! As always, thank you for your support, interest and contributions to this site!



New Domain!

I finally took the plunge. is finally here!

It looks like the new server is speeding things up, especially the message forum. I have lots of updates planned so stay tuned and keep checking back!

As always, thanks for the support and participation!



Updated Site!

The new Cocktail Drum Lounge is finally here! Thank you all for your input, contributions of pictures, ideas, and historical knowledge! Over the past few years there have been more and more companies adding cocktail drums to their product line such as Phattie, Slingerland, Dunnett, and a host of smaller custom drum companies. Please remeber to keep me posted on new developments that you here about!

I have finally added the catolog section to the Look area. Lots of great scans there and a special thanks to Kurt Ekstrom! Also check out the Photo Gallery.

Thanks again for all of your enthusiastic E-Mails and pictures. Keep in touch and post away at the Message Forums.



New Message Forum

Well, I suppose it's time for the yearly update!

The big news is a NEW MESSAGE FORUM! No more pesky pop-up ads! Thanks to eveyone who has been posting anyway. I hope now that everyone will find it easier to participate in the discussions.

NOTE: if you were a registered user on the old forum, your username should still exist but the password may have changed to 'cocktail'. If you have any problems email me.

I am hopeing to make several improvements in the coming year so keep your eyes open!

As allways, thanks for the support and being part of the Cocktail Drum Community!