Couple of Metropolitan Demos for Sale

Couple of Metropolitan Demos for Sale

Postby altdrumz » Wed Dec 05, 2007 5:56 pm

Hey y'all -

I've got a couple demos for sale from the new hampshire show

Check them out at

It's the Ginger Ale glass glitter, and a super cool Black and White Onyx Pearl
one with a main drum, hi & low toms, and a snare.

Main drum uses 45 degree inward bearing edges, which I have found provide
a really nice round warm tone, while the toms use a double 45 keller maple shell
Both of these drums use Poplar for the main drum, drier not as bright as the

I've got a lead time of about 4 weeks on new drums right now, so I can build you one too. Your choice of just about anything on them.

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