DW Sidekick pedal on Ebay

DW Sidekick pedal on Ebay

Postby Bruce (the K) » Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:14 pm

I just noticed that somebody has a brand new-looking DW 5000 Sidekick bass pedal for sale on Ebay. The bidding has started at $1 so no telling how many folks will get in on it. If you play a single cocktail drum (rather than the full Club Jordan style with small snare and tom attached on the side) you want your bass pedal under your right foot and your drum right in front of you. The Sidekick allows you to do this very nicely. I've been using it with my Peace Manhattan set for a couple of years and it works much better than the standard pedals that attach to a bracket directly under the middle of the drum.

I think my wife and daughter paid around $200 for mine (it was a gift) so you might be able to get it for less in this auction.

Just go to the Cocktail drum lounge home page and click on the Show All link for Ebay cocktail drum listings. You should see it listed there.
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