Jordan Silver Sparkle Cocktail INCLUDES DW 5000delta3 pedal!

Jordan Silver Sparkle Cocktail INCLUDES DW 5000delta3 pedal!

Postby katspacey » Wed Jun 10, 2009 11:30 pm

• Yamaha Club Jordan 3 piece Silver Sparkle Cocktail Kit•

$590 OBO (bought for $1200)

INCLUDES: DW 5000 delta3 turbo dual chain drive bass drum pedaL
i used this pedal only 3's reversed for cocktail kit and lays bass drum bombs! It sounds much better than the Yamaha pedal did! :) it also comes with a carrying bag.

This was kit was used with care and sounds great. I’m just no longer playing in a band that needs a stand-up drummer. Everything you see in link to Yamaha’s promo pic is included (except cymbals and cowbell) plus all of the carrying bags, except for snare bag.

Here’s some specs:
The main 15" x 24" birch and Philippine mahogany shell combines both bass and snare drums and includes retro touches such as sound board. Full sounding snare and rack tom included. An accessory arm accommodates hi-hat, cymbal, cowbell and/or woodblock. It's an extremely compact drum kit, but sounds BIG!

Yamaha link: ... ID=5040578

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