Tambourine and other Percussion

Tambourine and other Percussion

Postby thall » Fri Jun 27, 2014 10:42 am

I need brainstorming help.

So I currently have a tambourine (Rhythmtech) DST) mounted via an LP Claw to the rim on my kit. It jingles a bit when I hit the bass and I'd like to stop that. I think the only option is to move it off of the drum and onto its own stand. The problem is, I'd hate to utilize a single stand for just a tambourine and would like to add other percussion items to it. So here is where the brainstorming comes in. I'm looking for items that I could add to a stand that will have a tambourine mounted on it. The tambourine will be struck with a stick and I do not want to cause buzzing/rattling of anything else that may be on it. Likewise, the other items added should not cause the tambourine to jingle when they are played.

My thought is perhaps a windchime mounted on a boom stand with a dampening bar. The tambourine would be mounted from the shaft of the same stand.

My other thought would be a straight stand and put a riveted cymbal on it so you wouldn't even notice the tambourine going off. And hitting the tamb wouldn't shake the cymbal as much since it's not out over a boom.

Maybe something with a percussion table? Though I prefer to play with sticks and mallets and not my hands.

So, I'm looking for ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc... on the topic!

Thanks guys!
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Re: Tambourine and other Percussion

Postby MusicMan » Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:42 am


That tambourine issues you are raising are difficult to deal with. A tambourine usually need so to be isolated on a stand of its own in order to function without being affected by other instruments or the cocktail drum.

I uses a the red Pearl tambourine that has jingles that can be adjusted. It is designed for mounting and each set of jingles can be independently muted. I was able to adjust mine so that it doesn't rattle so much when I hit play the main drum.

You should have a problem mounting in on a stand with windchimes even without a damper. Pearl also makes a cajon clave and cajon woodblock that are mountable and have a striker. Those would work on a stand with the tambourine too.

Hope this helps ...

MM :)
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