End of an era (not really)

End of an era (not really)

Postby Baker » Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:15 pm

After 7 months of playing (as a temporary drummer) with a local band, I finally told them I'm done. They were supposed to be looking for a perm. drummer the whole time I was playing. They weren't. No one else had a full time job like I do. I was never really interested in working 7 days a week!
I'm not upset in the least. The first time I played my kit, after I quit, I felt inspired. Inspired to play from the heart, not the set list!!!
Now I can go back to jamming on weekends with various friends' groups, and groups of friends, playing a variety of music. We're all getting together on 11/11/11 for an all out round robin jam at my place. Everything from 80's hair rock to bluegrass to Floyd to Michael Jackson! Now THAT'S how I like to play. Power to the independent drummer!!!
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