Strange behaviour on ebay, I think.

Strange behaviour on ebay, I think.

Postby jottesen » Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:00 am

My experience as cocktail drummer the last ten years, have give me that feeling and experience that we (cocktail drummers) are one big family.
We all have a passion for our instruments, and we treated each other with somekind of respect and helpfulness.

Then the other day I won an auction on ebay. It was a Club Jordan cocktail drum (maindrum). On the picture there was no cymbal arm and cascara board. I get the drum for 414.-$ but when I live in Denmark and seller in US it cost me 700.-$.
This is of course my choice and have nothing to do with the seller. But what I find strange and sad is, that after this auction and the maindrum was send he listed the cymbal arm, cascara board and L-arms for Snr. And tom. I could not in my wildes dream think of a person who would split the things from the set (cymbal arm and cascara board) the drum was born with those parts and therefor in the beginnig I did not ask for those parts.
I wrote to the seller and said I dont feel good with hos way to do this on ebay. But hi is the seller and can of course do what he like to do. I ask him why he have not listed all the stuff so we buyers could make a choice. But I only get a long story ..... I told him that I want the drumset stay as original as possible and make him in my opinion fair offer, but he refuse and want the auction stay.
It makes me somekind frustrated, to see those parts on ebay, knowing that these parts came from my drum and they are hard to find.
Why did he not say that he has these parts ??
Yes of course I have make an offer on ebay for those parts, but I do not like this Way to do business.

Are Im Wrong here ???

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Re: Strange behaviour on ebay, I think.

Postby MusicMan » Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:43 am

Hi Jottsen,

I feel bad for you. It sounds like that seller doesn't understand anything about the cocktail kit.

If he isn't willing to work with you, I would buy the other parts from him, and then go back later and file a complaint with eBay and make him agree to a partial refund (and/or leave him a bunch of negative feedbacks). If you do several purchases with a seller, and they are afraid you are going to leave them low DSRs or negative feedbacks, you'll be suprised how quickly they will become willing to help you.

However, if you do this, make sure you don't communicate any of this to the seller or eBay. Just wait unitl you receive all of the purchases and then negotiate for a better deal (under the circumstance, I think you'd be justified in doing so).

MM :)
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