Happy 2014! An introduction.

Happy 2014! An introduction.

Postby thall » Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:45 am

Hi everyone. After lurking for somewhere around 10 years now, I have finally created my account! I wanted to come out and say happy new years to everyone and introduce myself.

So I've been playing for a long time and FINALLY took the plunge and bought myself a cocktail kit for Christmas. It's one of the cheapo kits from Amazon, but it does the trick. My full drum set is a mid 1960s Stewart (Tama stencil kit), so I feel it is actually a huge step up in quality from there. I'll get into my opinions on it in another thread as I do have some questions.

So I have my first rehearsal with the kit coming up on Sunday and I'm stoked. I'm trying to create a group with a co-workers wife (sings/guitar) and her guitar instructor (lead guitar). (The co-worker DJs on the side and helps with sound/video/lighting, etc...) I have never played with the guitar playing instructor before, but if he is anything like my co-worker and the wife, he should be pretty accepting of the drum and me playing it. I've seen a few videos of them together online and I think the cocktail drum would work for out perfectly. Anyway, not having to drag in so many components makes me so giddy inside. We'll see how it goes. I'll follow back up on that next week.

Thanks guys.

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Re: Happy 2014! An introduction.

Postby MusicMan » Thu Jan 02, 2014 1:12 pm

Hi Tan,

Sounds great. I started with one of those cheapo kits too, and now I have a top-of-the line kit that functions much better. I use it for church gigs quite often. It's good to start with one of those basic kits until you find out if you like to play standing up and want to invest in something more professional. :)

Happy playing for the New Year!

MM :)
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